Back on tracks

I just woke up and realised that I have a whole lot of good days to look forward to.

When the corona pandemic hit Europe in March, we had just begun recording what was supposed to be my new album «Det nye nord». Instead of a new album followed three long months without concerts or travelling, and the album has been sleeping in my notebook for far too long. Now, finally, things are moving again.

I have spent the last month at home in Senja, writing and recording songs at Kråkeslottet. An array of upturned puffy mattresses made a perfect recording booth for nightly recording sessions. Between the takes I have been swimming in the mountains, climbing the waves, trotting along the roads and spending time with friends and family.

Now I am on my way south again. After a dreary concert spring, things seem to be picking up again. Slowly. On Monday already I’ll be doing an intimate concert in summery Oslo along with a handful of friends at the beautiful outdoors venue SALT. Then I’m heading abroad for the first time since the Interrail tour in February – before going North again to perform the entire «Det nye nord» at Tromsø Jazz Festival, again with good friends with me on stage.I still have plans to go through with the September concerts in Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland too, although these days two months seems a long time to plan ahead. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Stay safe, and take care of yourselves and each others!


20.07 – Salt, Oslo 🇳🇴
25.07 – Heimspiel Knyphausen, Eltville 🇩🇪
30.07 – Palaissommer, Dresden 🇩🇪
07.08 – Tromsø Jazzfestival 🇳🇴
19.09 – E-werk, Erlangen 🇩🇪
20.09 – Movie, Bielefeld 🇩🇪
21.09 – ZAKKClub, Düsseldorf 🇩🇪
22.09 – Lagerhaus, Bremen 🇩🇪
23.09 – Lutherse keerk, Groningen 🇳🇱
24.09 – Doornroosje, Nijmegen 🇳🇱
27.09 – Rotown, Rotterdam 🇳🇱

28.09 – Karlstorbahnhof, Heidelberg 🇩🇪
29.09 – Alte Mälzerei, Regensburg 🇩🇪
30.09 – Manufaktur, Schorndorf 🇩🇪
01.10 – Räng Teng Teng, Freiburg 🇩🇪
02.10 – Papiersaal, Zürich 🇨🇭
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