Heading home

8606 kilometres. 42 trains. 15 concerts. The last two weeks on tracks through Europe have been an awakening.

Dear everyone who has made this tour happen: Thank you for a fantastic few weeks throughout the continent! Yesterday’s concert in Vienna was just another highlight of a tour that has given me faith back in both music and myself.

Honestly, I have never felt so great on a tour before! Travelling from city to city by train has been so relaxing, so flexible, so comfortable and so easy that right now I’m thinking that there’s no reason to get back into a tour van ever again. I’m not going to lie and say that every second of the tour has been easy and straightforward. I have been tired, stressed and sometimes also felt lonely. But all in all, it has felt fantastic to travel, meet people and play concerts again.

It has been strange – and good – to be back on the continent with the same songs that I started touring with ten, eleven, twelve years ago. To hear people sing along to ‘Smoke’ and ‘Northern Line’, songs that I wrote when my head and heart was in a completely different place. I honestly didn’t expect it, but they go perfectly well along with the unsongs and all my new ones.

I have already started planning the next tour on tracks. To Germany, for sure. Through the Netherlands and Belgium, I promise. And then who knows where the journey continues? Thank you for making these weeks some of the best days of my life – and hopefully see you again soon!