Newsletter: Getting better

It has been a strange few months. Earlier this winter, I released Little by Little and Kriegspiel, my first two singles in many years. It felt good to let loose two songs entirely from my own pen, after years of singing other people’s music.

Then, in April, I had an operation. A planned one which went well, but I wasn’t expecting to be completely knocked to the ground by it. Since then, I have spent most of my time to convince my body, my voice and my mind to get back on stage again.

This summer, I’ll be doing a handful of concerts, mainly home in 🇳🇴, but also in neighbouring 🇩🇰 and in the beautiful 🇦🇽 (that’s the autonomous region of Åland, if you were wondering). Not least, I’ll be going to Germany in August to read, sing and discuss my book Forbidden songs which was released in 🇩🇪 (!) earlier this year.

The German dates will be the very last round with Unsongs before moving on to new projects. A new album is set for release on 13 September this year. Its name is Like in 1968, and it follows in the footsteps of Unsongs both thematically and musically – and to be quite honest, I think it sounds just as good as well.

In fact, I’ll be releasing two albums this fall. A few years ago, I met with the musicians behind an album called På stengrunn, a Norwegian cult classic released in the golden year of 1972, containing songs written by the working-class poet Rudolf Nilsen (1901-1929). Now, 47 years after their first album, comes the second one named På gjensyn, where I have written three of the new songs. (And I play the trumpet!)

Lately a lot of people have asked me about what I am up to these days. “You’ve been silent for so long”. It is at least halfway deliberate. While recording Like in 1968 and På gjensyn, have been writing music for yet another project; my first songs in Norwegian since Kæm va du? from 2013. This time, I am writing a comissioned «piece» for Varangerfestivalen – which for a folk singer basically means I’m writing a whole bunch of songs and call it a piece in the end. In short: If I seem silent, it is only because I have been making more music than ever before.

That’s all for now. I hope summer is treating you well wherever you are. I can’t wait to be singing for you all again. <3


Upcoming concerts

Norway 🇳🇴
28.06 Stokkøya Festival
29.06 Sommerfesten på Giske
12.07 Spornesfestivalen
13.07 The Tall Ships Races, Fredrikstad
17.07 Korsvei, Seljord
24.07 Høllafæst, Svolvær
25.07 Rørvikdagan
07.08 Varangerfestivalen

Åland 🇦🇽
24.08 Stadshuset, Mariehamn

Denmark 🇩🇰
25.08 BETA, Copenhagen

Germany 🇩🇪
26.08 Atelier im Anscharpark, Kiel
27.08 Kunst am Kai, Lübeck
28.08 Ehemalige synagoge, Friedstadt
29.08 Norden Festival, Schleswig

Norway 🇳🇴
02.11 Sinus, Bodø
06.11 Østre, Bergen
07.11 Østre, Bergen
16.11 Rockefeller, Oslo