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Set the House on Fire


Kanskje va det nån som ropte og kanskje va det berre vind
men eg svor eg va åleina, eg tok av støvlan og gjekk inn
der i kjøken koktest kaffi førr aller siste gong
førr eg va kommen heim

kanskje va det nån som ropte og kanskje va det berre vind
kanskje finnes der ei glea der alle tomme ord kryp inn
og kanskje e det greit å fare når heile fjorden tar kvelartak
men eg gjor ingen feil
nei eg gjor ingen feil

ja, kanskje va det nån som ropte, kanskje va det er som skreik
kanskje finnes der ei nåde når all din styrke gjær deg veik
men det søng imella planken og det står i støvelspor
at eg e kommen heim

House by the Sea

They say home is the place where your heart is
then I am home now though I am far away
for so long I’ve let deep forests guard it
and now it’s begging me to stay
and I’m trying my best to be tough
to pretend I am strong and can siphon it off
but I’m not who I wanted to be
in my heart I belong in a house by the sea

they say home is a place where you’re needed
then I am home now but I am leaving
to feel my feet being kissed by the seaweed
and I’ll be silent and kiss it back
this is not who I want you to see
it’s just adding on weight to the darkness in me
and from the little I have understood
I believe that a house by the sea would do good

they say home is a place you can choose to be
and I’ve decided to carry home inside me
so it’s not really as if I am leaving
it’s more like something pulling me

because behind everything that I do
I just want to forget, want to carry this through
fill my lungs with the sweet summer air
in my heart in my mind I am already there
yeah behind everything that I do
I just want to come home and lay down beside you
and then I’ll be who I wanted to be
in my heart I belong in a house by the sea

Let the Spider Run Alive

As you wake up the lights are all out
the air is dead but the blood leaves no doubt
you’ve been drowning, you’ve been burning with thirst
now you’re cold clay and a steel web’s spun around a brave, careless world

pick an apple and watch it rot
feel the fire from the things you forgot
while you weave yourself into a tight silver web
go to sleep now and tomorrow you will both wake up dead

because we’re all one of a kind
sleeping in the line of fire
now if you want to live and thrive
let the spider run off – run alive!

may you wake up without anger or doubt
and may your eyes burn in snow-white, flourescent light

Soon you'll be somebody else!

If you keep changing yourself
then soon you’ll be somebody else
and the end of the string
would be a rose, is a rose, it is a dying thing
while all I can promise is to stay like this always
and by all other names just as sweet

I wish all you would wish
was a house with a yard full of flying fish
and the bell that I’d ring
would be a rose, is a rose, it could be anything

while all I can promise is to stay like this always
and by all other names just as sweet

I will crack you open just to keep you closer
‘cause without you a rose is just a rose
and I will swallow the vomit just to keep you
coming ‘cause without you I’m so hollow

For an Unborn

If it’s part of the plan that we add up in twos
then it comes to a point where you cannot choose
with the world at your feet you’re all set to explore
but grow weak as you’re there and you don’t know in whose lines to enroll
without a name, a god, a goal

you don’t know how you got there or who was there first
were you there just to please her or to quench your thirst?
was it will or an instinct run out of control?
‘cause today everything’s brought back by a picture that you can’t recall:
lovers on a brass bed feeling nothing at all

someone should stand behind to catch the fall
at the end of the day you were once just as small
and like your father you’ll suddenly find that you’ve grown
today you wake up to take the blame for what can’t be undone
and with every step you are hauled back home

‘cause the smallest of lies can turn black with ease
what you thought was the cure turned into a disease
and you gave her your heart only to help her grow
a tumor inside her patiently waiting for the first snow to fall
lovers on a brass bed doing nothing at all

The Architect

My god where have you gone?
I’ve been looking for you everywhere but find myself alone
through woods and fields, churches and halls
but no one’s there to hear my prayers or answer when I call
my god where have you gone?
you left without a warning and with so many things undone
a king shall come when morning dawns if history’s repeating
and I’m not sure if I’m the one to keep this pulsing heat in

my god what have I done?
I didn’t choose to turn into this creature I’ve become
and I don’t know this strength I’ve found
although I have understood it’ll do no good for kicking dust around
so hold me back if you still can
before I’m pissing rivers, spatter storms, drawing valleys in the sand
now my left is crying for intent while my right begs for a spin
is this all just another test, this mess you’ve left me in?

I don’t know where the light will fall
I only see myself as shadows and as paint upon the walls
if I could learn from your mistakes where your architecture grew with every error that you made
I’d only wish for a quiet night
to close my eyes and dream awake like a candle that’s blown out
but I am all set now and want to let go
and with endless opportunities I am off to build my world alone

Run to the Water

Fast as you can run to the water
cool as I am I’ll give you shelter

this place is built to make you smaller
to keep
your face out of the light
around the city’s growing taller through the night
and then a symphony of laughter
cuts though the air of foreign tongues
and you are back at where you started: all alone

so fast as you can run to the water
safe in my hands I’ll bring you home

there’s nothing I can do, there’s water coming through, I can sense it
and I swim the whole night through but in spite of all I do I’m defenceless
so I’ll try to pretend I was always alone and with a handful of pills I’ll divide us
‘cause with millions
of miles between arrow and bow it is easier to kill it with silence

so to hide from our hundreds you went underhill where the treeroots grew into your bones
I tell all my friends you are living there still in the teeth of the chaos above
hammer hits head but the nail doesn’t move though the blow’s throwing sparks all around
it is never too late but today is too
soon, so for now you must stay underground

so fast as you can run to the water


…and then came the waves on our boats
the loudest laugther no one knows
a helpless child you are on your own
can you feel how it brakes on your bones
the loudest laughter no one owns
silhouettes in the sky, dancing ghosts
a helpless child you are on your own

One Minute More

“One step, you’re just one step from perfection” she held out her hand
and so life spreads from fingertips and through my veins, a beast is born within a man
and it whispers of all I’ve ever hoped for and everything that is wrong
slowly now all the words add up and somehow they crack and slip from my tongue
and as if singing a psalm I am down on my knees
I am singing for love from the top of my lungs
but the louder I cry the less I believe
that this moment we’re in will be more than just now

silently I’m replacing what she lacks with the things that I love
and though I know I might be torn all around the edges behind her perfect shell’s a rotting soul
so incomplete but wholer still if I am able to just let her go

and if this is the end then at least it was worth it
‘cause I swear it was love or something just so
and I know love will come to the one who deserves it
I’ll try closing my eyes and give it one minute more

but I’m not of your kind
someone as stupid as me should be easy to find
so I will treat you like statistics until it drains this love from me

this is no psalm, it can’t take me deeper
what’s only just passed seems so long ago
and the harder I try the less I believe you
when you’re standing here now asking for one minute more

Northern Line

The ink wouldn’t dry and the snow didn’t melt
so I set the house on fire to explain how I felt
‘cause all that I am is only things that will be
afraid to let go, afraid to move on, afraid to be free
now I gather all the things I left behind
I’m still here fast asleep on the northern line

we stayed up all night and slept through our days
now I’m tired of the lies and the hours gone to waste
and all along the thought of this has scared me so
but if I fight it, if I never try I’ll never make it out I’ll never grow

now the night comes on and no one wonders why
I’m still here fast asleep on the northern line
I’m all yours fast asleep on the northern line

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