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Vær hilset, fru Bjerkås!

ET 50 ÅR GAMMELT MYSTERIUM har blitt oppklart, og det på selveste kvinnedagen! Da Norges første kvinnelige prest, Ingrid Bjerkås (1901-1980), ble tilsatt i 1961 i Berg og Torsken på Senja, ble det snakket høyt om «kirkens undergang og oppløsning». For mange var det helt uhørt at en kvinne skulle kunne stå på prekestolen og forkynne Herrens ord. Men lokalsamfunnet ønsket henne velkommen. Samme dag som hun tiltrådte stod en hilsen på trykk i Avisa Nordlys, der undertegnende har lånt dikterkappen fra Petter Dass. Under de mystiske initialene P.D. kom følgende hilsningsdikt på trykk: «En ærbødig Hilsen og Salutas til…

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Rockin’ in the free world

It has been a long time since anything amazed me like visiting the United States last week. Everything was just as big as they said – the skyscrapers, the boulevards, the coal plants and the parking lots. Even I became a little bigger, turning 30 (!) while I was performing at Folk Alliance International in Kansas City. The festival itself was larger and more intense than anything I have ever been part of before. An entire hotel complex with thousands of people flowing between concerts and jams, discussions and debates, pop-up showcases and ad-hoc songwriting sessions. Three entire floors had been…

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No news is good news

…because that means that I am working on something rather than spending my time on Facebook. These days I have barred myself in my apartment, doing something I have never tried before: I am writing a book. At first I thought it would be easy, then I started trying and realised it would be hard. Then I got a little further, and decided that easy or hard doesn’t matter. It feels important, and that’s the most important thing. The book is the next (and final?) stage of the Unsongs project. In the last few years, there have been countless situations that…

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Timings at Folk Alliance International

Here you’ll find all timings for our appearances at Folk Alliance International in Kansas City in February. More might come. In fact, I think more will come, and this is the page where I’ll let you know about it. Tuesday 14th 19:00 (evening) Stockyard Sounds full concert at Stockyard Breweries (event info) Wednesday 15th 23:00 (evening) United Nations showcase at room #556 Friday 17th 14:30 (afternoon) Folk Alliance Australia & #StateOfUs showcase at room #738 20:30 (evening) Official FAI showcase at Brookside Saturday 18th 14:30 (afternoon) “Censorship *%@#!” (panel debate about music censorship) at Pershing North 02:15 (night) Folk Alliance Australia & #StateOfUs showcase at room #738…

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New concert: The Opera House

I’m ready for 2017 now! On the 5th of March next year, I’ll be bringing Unsongs to the Norwegian Opera in Oslo, together with the amazing string ensemble Trondheimsolistene, who were nominated for nothing less than three Grammys yesterday. That’s all. Just a small note this time. A big one. Tickets go on sale the 7th December.  

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On Tour with Arkhangelsk Chamber Orchestra

Throughout the last week, I have been so lucky to perform Unsongs in Northern Norway together with the incredibly talented Arkhangelsk Chamber Orchestra from northern Russia. The collaboration with Russian musicians constantly reminded me about how privileged I am as a Norwegian artist. Not all of my colleagues in other countries enjoy the same artistic freedom. Read more at The Independent Barents Observer. Photo: Studentsamfunnet Driv.  

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Waiting for Snowden

I’ll be performing at PEN International’s annual event on 18 November, marking the International Day of the Imprisoned Writers. On this day, US whistleblower Edward Snowden was supposed to be in Oslo to be awarded the Ossietzky Prize. Snowden, however, has not received a legal guarantee that he will not be extradited to the United States, should he come to Norway. Therefore, Snowden himself will speak to the assembly via skype from Moscow. Read more here.  

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