«Little by Little» out today!

Around this time one year ago I went skiing outside Oslo and stumbled across a large logging area, where machines were tearing down and shredding to pieces some of my favourite trees in the whole forest. «Little by little, we are tearing this world apart», I thought.

Back from my trip I wanted to write a song about what I had just seen, but I soon realised that there are already more than enough talk about the bad things in this world. I wanted to make an optimistic song, a song about all the small things that make the world better – invisibly, day by day.

Perhaps to be expected, the song turned out to be one of the most difficult pieces I have ever written. It was simply difficult to write an optimistic tune about the times that we live in. But little by little, the song grew throughout spring and blossomed today, the first single from the upcoming album – which I’ll tell you a lot more about later.

Listen to it here.